SingHaiYi Gold Real Estate Singapore

SingHaiYi Gold is among the highly ranked property developers in Singapore and around the whole of Asia. SingHaiYi was founded on the basis of business excellence as well as integrity. Its focus is building a brand which people have trust and can rely on for their development growth within Singapore or outside Singapore.

SingHaiYi Gold Real Estate Developer in Singapore and Asia

According to the recent survey, SingHaiYi has emerged is the fastest growing real estate company comprising of a diversified portfolio that is based on properties development, investment as well as management services. With the support of shareholders, the group leadership comprises of the competent board as well as management team among them including renowned businessmen Mr. Gordon Tang as well as Neil Bush who owns well-established businesses, bulk experience, and undisputable track record in real estates as well as investment. Their network in this industry is extensively big thus, grabbing any investment opportunity that may rise instantly. Their latest project is Parc Clematis which is a new development located at Clementi. It is near to Clementi MRT Station as well as the Jurong Lake District.

SingHaiYi Property Development Good Track Record

Other than having a good track record in the development of residential properties, SingHaiYi Gold also has in possession a portfolio of assets which generate income in both retail and commercial sectors. To stamp its authority in the property development industry, the group has decided to tap more markets by going overseas. The group has built a strong base in Australia, Asia as well as the U.S. At the same time, it’s looking forward to once and for long overshadow all other property developers in Singapore by acquiring prime properties for development.

Different Business Sectors for SingHaiYi Gold

Its strategists are experts in the sector. They have managed to make the group get exposed to numerous real estate segment in multiple countries. This has made it generate more income thus gaining financial muscle to sustain itself and deliver value to all shareholders in the company. This has made it be seen as a big threat by other property developers who have been commanding the markets for decades since they have realized their days are numbered before they can start trailing SingHaiYi.

SingHaiYi does not only rely on one channel of generating income but its main focus goes around property development, investment, management, as well as real estate fund management. Its growth and investment strategies revolve around residential, commercial, retail as well as Assets enhancement initiatives and acquisition to make it achieve its goals and objectives. Due to its presence in many countries, many investors have gained confidence with SingHaiYi, thus getting more projects to develop than other property developers around. This has accelerated its growth above unimaginable scale thus volunteering it as the best company to sort after when you need any property development plan.