Haiyi Holdings Developer for Park West Enbloc

The Mission of the group is to have a created shareholder value and achieve sustainable growth using yield-accretive acquisitions, enhanced innovative asset strategies, proactive property management, and quality development. Please also see the Greater Southern Waterfront Transformation that is located near to The Reef at Kings Dock.

Haiyi Holdings Developer for Park West Enbloc

Haiyi Holdings limited also known as SingHaiyi or just the group, is the real estate company known for fast growing and having a diversified portfolio which is involved in management services, investment, and property development. The group also gets great support from their major shareholders Mr. Tang Gordon and is also run and ruled with a management team that comprises of some esteemed businessmen Mr. Neil Bush and Mrs. Celine Tang and great competent board that posses astute acumen businesses, stellar track record, and extensive experience in investments and real estate. The board has forged an industry connection that is long-standing; hence they are in a position of leveraging in all opportunities of investment.

Haiyi Holdings Developer for Parc Clematis

Apart from having a track record established in all residential; property developments, there is also a diversified portfolio held by the group, and it consists of income generative assets that are found in retail and commercial sectors. The geographical reach of the group has been expanded through the overseas like in Australia, Asia, and the US as well as it still seeks to have its market position arguments in Singapore while it has new acquisitions at hand. Their latest development will be Parc Clematis which is the former Park West Enbloc by SingHaiyi Group

Haiyi Holdings SingHaiYi Group

There are different real estate segments and sectors that the Haiyi Holdings has been exposed to in various countries. Such execution has been perfectly done, and a testament has been noted to those business strategies, sustainability maintenance, having a perfect design with the aim of generating stable earnings, and its value being delivered to the shareholders of the Group.

The group has been advancing slowly by slowly, and it is currently spreading its business overseas in three continents and is planning further opening another real estate business in Singapore. It is evident that the management board of the group are focused on seeing their group prospering and moving ahead every time to be the one standing in the current competitive market.