321 Clementi Shopping Centre

321 Clementi is development in the heart of Clementi town centre which is a one-stop entertainment complex. Within its nine storeys, is a cinema with 10 screens, a rooftop garden and swimming pool, numerous restaurants and a state-of-the-art gym and fitness centre. There is also plenty of parking in the basemen of the building.

321 Clementi Shopping Centre Located at Clementi Town

321 Clementi is an award-winning entertainment space which has been commended for being an environmentally friendly building. It was awarded BCA’s Green Mark Platinum Award thanks to environmental and sustainability consultant firm Eng Wah chose sustainable building materials, energy efficient power options and even considered the impact on the environment should be building ever be demolished. 321 Clementi Shopping Centre provides convenience for residents of Parc Clematis which is launching soon at Jalan Lempeng.

In terms of restaurants, you are spoilt for choice at 321 Clementi as within the complex there are the following establishments; Charcoal Thai, Prata Alley, Saizeirya, Sun Lok Noodle House, Wimi and Yakinoku Ohji. There are also hairdressers and doctors’ offices in addition to other shops at 321 Clementi.

A convenient lifestyle such as a function room, guard house, clubhouse, children’s playground, sun deck, 50m swimming pool, indoor gym, and BBQ pits awaits you. The condo provides essential family entertainment needs. There are many shopping centres strategically located around Parc Clematis such as the Clementi Mall, Grantral Mall, and 321 Clementi. Clementi Mall consists of 6 storeys and occupies 191,000 square feet. The Clementi MRT Station and Clementi Bus Interchange directly link this mall. Its locality has enabled it to attract residents from Jurong, West Coast, and Bukit Timah. During festive seasons, there are promotions to gain more tenants and shoppers. 321 Clementi is more of a boutique centre consisting of 9 levels of retail space.

WE Cinema Located in 321 Clementi Shopping Centre

The WE cinema complex at 321 Clementi uses the most up to date audiovisual technology to deliver popular blockbusters in the 10 hall cinema complex at 321 Clementi.

321 Clementi Shopping Mall is always offering discounts and festive deals so it’s well worth checking out their website as you may be entitled to free parking or numerous other discounts at the cinema, fitness centre or restaurants.

321 Clementi Near to Clementi MRT Station and Clementi Bus Interchange

321 Clementi Shopping Centre is under a 5 minute walk from the Clementi bus interchange and the nearest bus stop is located outside the NTUC Fairprice supermarket. It is less than a 5 minute walk from Clementi MRT station as well so it is an easy destination to reach for a full day of entertainment. The carpark is open 24 hours per day. For cars, the first hour costs you $1.50 and subsequent 30 minutes cost $0.80. For motorbikes, the first hour is $1 and subsequent 30 minutes cost $0.5. There is also a 10 minute grace period where you can enter and exit the carpark for free.

321 Clementi has everything you could possibly need under one roof so make sure that you take advantage of everything it has to offer in the way of fitness facilities to entertainment and dining spaces. It is so easy to get to and it is inspiring to visit a building which has been constructed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient right from the outset and all the way through to if there is ever a time when the building is to be deconstructed and disposed of. It is hard to imagine this happening to such a versatile and well-thought out complex.

What about the future? Will 2019 see even sharper increases or will it remain steady? The truth is that no one can really tell for the prices of Parc Clementi Condo. Forecasts have however been made suggesting that in 2019 the price increase will steady up to match the economic growth which is expected to be between 1.5{6bdc9bc557cd69ea1703e1d6afd9bb37e6e874ef5cd8af06110afc4bed9531b0} and 3.5{6bdc9bc557cd69ea1703e1d6afd9bb37e6e874ef5cd8af06110afc4bed9531b0}. This means that the price increase rate will be slower but with many properties launching this year, we could be in for a surprise.

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