Amenities Located at Clementi Town

Clementi is a residential town which was part of a government planning program, located in Western Singapore. Its name comes from Clementi Road which is the main thoroughfare in the area and which is 5km long. It used to be a military area called ‘Colombo Camp’ where the Singapore Guard Regiment, formed in 1948, was stationed. Colombo Camp was knocked down in 1975. Clementi Avenue 1 used to be known as Sussex Estate in the colonial days and non-commissioned British senior officers were stationed there. Sussex Estate was torn down in 1997. Clementi Town is considered a mature estate with many amenities located around the town. Developments such as Parc Clematis is highly sought after as it is located also in the mature town of Clementi with many amenities for the residents.

Clementi Town City Fringe Living

In 1975, Clementi Town was established by the Housing Development Board with a view to becoming a residential town which was self-sufficient with its own services and is located at the city fringe of Singapore. One of the town’s major landmarks is its steel railway bridge which crosses Sungei Ulu Pandan. In the past it was used to transport goods from Jurong to Malaysia and materials from Malaysia back to Jurong but the railway closed in the 1990s. However, the bridge still remains a popular feature of the town and a tourist attraction.

Clementi Town Clementi MRT Station

Clementi Town is considered to be mapped out from Commonwealth Avenue West and Clementi MRT station as this is where most of the Housing Development Board’s apartments are located. The town is comprised of 4 constituencies and 7 neighbourhoods which are conveniently labelled N1 to N7. Each neighbourhood has its own local services with the exception of Clementi Town Centre. There is also a swimming pool and a sports hall as well as the Clementi Stadium which can host 4000 people. There is another recreation centre on West Coast Road and several parks. There is also a wide variety of schools in Clementi as well as several universities.

Another important thing you need to take into account is the flow of traffic in your home. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you do not want to pass through a long hallway to get to the bathroom. The same applies to other areas of your home. When entering your home, you do not want to pass the kitchen first before you can reach the living room where your guests will be entertained. The corridors must be wide and the rooms must be arranged in a logical manner.

Shopping Centre at Clementi Town

Clementi Town boasts a large shopping mall known as Cityvibe and another shopping complex called the West Coast Plaza. Then a mixed-use development was erected in Clementi Town Centre containing a 5 storey shopping mall known as The Clementi Mall, two 40-storey apartment blocks called Clementi Towers, the West Coast Town Council office, a library and a bus interchange site. The Clementi MRT station is also accessible via the shopping mall. This was the first mixed-use development in Singapore and it was named as the Runner-up for the Prix d’Excellence Award in the Master Plan Category.

At one time Clementi was an independent constituency but this ended in 1984 and now comes under The West Coast GRC, Jurong JRC and Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. In 2015 its population was 91,630 and the three largest ethnic groups are Chinese, Malays and Indians.

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