Transformation of Greater Southern Waterfront

As part of Singapore’s Master Plan 2014, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) aims to build a vibrant central area. The planned strategies in the transformation to make the Marina South District and Greater Southern Waterfront are slowly becoming a reality. The Central Area is a city where countless business and job opportunities flourish. Entertainment and workplaces are just short walks away from home. There is a plan to relocate the Pasir Panjang Terminal and City Terminals to Tuas. This will pave waterfront land areas of 600 and 325 hectares respectively. The southern and downtown port area will be phased out once the Tuas Port becomes operational in 2025. This area is known as the Greater Southern Waterfront. Parc Clematis is a new development located right in the heart of Clementi near to the Greater Southern Waterfront. Please also see the best home insurance packages that are available for your family. There are also a list of home improvement suggestions that you can take to assist in the transition.

Greater Southern Waterfront Tuas Port

After 2030, the Greater Southern Waterfront will be up for development. The land area is thrice of Marina Bay’s size – about 1,000 hectares. There’s still no landscape of how the area will be like. As everyone is excited about what the new waterfront of the future could offer, here are some of the ideas. Once developed, the Greater Southern Waterfront will provide numerous possibilities. The area is surrounded by attractive places like the Harbourfront, Labrador, and the International Cruise Terminal, and the waterfront will create an unbroken walkway to connect them all. The Greater Southern Waterfront will benefit properties along the West Coast area as well as the Clementi area such as Parc Clematis which is located near to Clementi MRT Station. The developer for Parc Clematis is SingHaiYi Properties.

Greater Southern Waterfront Marina Bay

Marina Bay has Central Linear Park, and it can be stretched out into the waterfront. It gives people an avenue to stroll, run, and enjoy the city sights. To network people from public places to future districts, there’s a possibility for a new diagonally pedestrian axis, designed as no car zone. With the waterfront’s extensive land area, it provides possibilities for different, unique districts. Each district embodies diverse feels and characteristics. Located next to the central business district, Marina Central and Bayfront are currently being developed.

Greater Southern Waterfront Integration More Amenities

The location of the Greater Southern Waterfront gives the opportunity for another waterfront that integrates the downtown and businesses in the city. As Singapore is reputably known as a great place to work, live, and play, new residential, commercial, and entertainment places could be built up in the waterfront. Singapore is currently not self-sufficient in water, and the waterfront poses an advantage for a new reservoir. The reservoir doesn’t only serve its purpose in achieving self-sufficiency in water, but it also presents a nice setting for recreational activities.

Singapore is an advocate of green cities, and this is its way to promote biodiversity. In order to augment this advocacy, the waterfront will connect green and open spaces through a green corridor. This urban development has countless of possibilities to offer. It gives people the opportunity to have fun, it connects the downtown and city districts, and most importantly, it is being developed without hazarding the environment.

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