Singapore Polytechnic Located Near to Clementi and Dover MRT Station

Singapore Polytechnic is the best institution which rewards students according to their higher learning. The first polytechnic to be established in entire Singapore was Singapore Polytechnic and it was in the year 1954 on 27th October. During its establishment, it was set to provide research on arts, science, commerce, technology, studies and also training..

Singapore Polytechnic is located in Dover which is proximal to the Dover MRT station. This location was obtained in the year 1978 and it was relocated from Prince Edward Road. The Motto of Singapore Polytechnic is “Berhidant Dengan Keahlian”. It is a public institution with approximately 1,500 staff members and 15,900 students. It covers an average of 38 hectares of land. The development is located near to Clementi MRT Station and Dover MRT Station making it one of the more convenient schools. There are also many other private properties located near to Singapore Poly such as Parc Clematis by SingHaiYi Properties. Parc Clematis is a new development that is near to many schools including Singapore Polytechnic as well as other developments.

Singapore Polytechnic Research Institution at Dover MRT Station

After completion of 2 to 3 years training award for a diploma on the specialized area is provided. The individual who would also like to engage to degree level is allowed. Majority of the students who are admitted to this great institution comes from secondary schools after their successful completion of 10 years doing the formal education. Diploma Tengah Plantation Close EC courses offered in Singapore Polytechnic are full-time.

The following are their academic schools

• School of Mathematics and Science.
• School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
• School of Business.
• School of Media, Arts and Design.
• School of Architecture and the Built environment.
• Singapore Maritime Academy
• Professional and Adult Continuing Education Academy.
• School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.
• School of Computing.
• School of Chemical and Life Sciences.

Many Courses Available at Singapore Polytechnic

You won’t lack an interesting course from all the listed ten schools. Students are taught by world-class professionals.

For academics to finds its way and improve the students. Facilities are required. In Singapore, polytechnic food outlets and the retail outlets have been availed.

Sports facilities in Singapore Polytechnic include swimming complex, well structure basketball court, tennis court, gym, football pit, and running track among many more. Coaches are there and they will help you nurture your talent as you continue with your studies.

Singapore Polytechnic Pillar of Education

Singapore Polytechnic is the pillar of Singapore nation on its own way. This Polytechnic is certified by the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001. It has received a lot of awards one is the award for it being the Singapore Quality Class. There was a President’s Award for Environ to this institution also in the year 2010. In the year 2011, it won South West Environment and Community Award, the award that usually recognizes exemplary efforts made by the organizations that make contributions to the community and environmental sustainability.

There is a scholarship program for anyone who wishes to join Singapore Polytechnic, they include:

• Singapore Polytechnic arts and sports scholarship
• Singapore Polytechnic Engineering scholarship
• Singapore Polytechnic scholarship.

From Singapore polytechnic you will find notable alumni, they are the real products who have been model to most responsible and responsive citizens.

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