West Coast Park Outdoor Activities

West Coast Park has its location in the south-west of Queenstown far end in Singapore. It has a total area of fifty hectares in approximate. West Coast Park is located in a reclaimed land considering that most of the Singapore parks are developed in reclaimed land. The year 1979 is when the West Coast Park came into completion and then it was set to open for people to visit the place.

West Coast Park Singapore on Reclaimed Land

This is actually the best place you should be with your kids and your family at large. All ages are accommodated at West Coast Park. The best games are available here you can find it best for you to jog, ride as well as keep your body fit by the fitness equipment available in this amazing park. Children games are also available. West Coast Park is located near to many private developments including the recent collectively sold Park West to SingHaiYi Gold. The new development is called Park Clematis.

West Coast Park is the greenest park in Singapore and creates a cool environment for everyone. You can easily travel to West Coast Park using transport buses, taxis or even personal car because the roads leading to the place are well made and maintained, trains as well can be your transport means as the train station is not far away from the West Coast Park.

Beaches and Outdoor Activities at West Coast Park

The beaches in this park are amazingly cool and you can have outdoor activities at the park with your family and friends. You can’t swim only in them but you can as well play kite games on this beaches. The breeze in the beaches goes well with the kite games. The kites fly high this brings in much fun to you and your kids whom you are having the fun together. The air in this place is so much fresh that you will need to get there every moment.

The restaurants and hotels in this park are classic and much amazing. There are restaurants that serve different kinds of foods, Chinese foods, Indian foods and other types of widely used foods. The foods being served here are cooked by the most trained cooks across the world. The meals are sold at an affordable price and if you will find that you have no interest in this restaurants then take advantage of the BBQ pits which are within the West Coast Park where you can get served for not more than $25.

Holidays and Vacations at West Coast Park

The weather of West Coast Park is so much favorable and it does not change mostly the daytime temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius the maximum while during the nights the temperature mostly ranges at 26 degrees Celsius most days are sunny and rarely does it rain around this place.

Spend your summer season and holidays or vacations at this Park, you will end up creating a memorable story and experience you will never forget. It’s really amazing more than you could imagine. Try to spend some time there and you will yearn to come back for more.

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